BYU Courses--General Education or College Preparatory?

Students in grades 9-12 who attend Tuesday/Thursday courses are enrolled in online English courses and certain other courses as a portion of their assignment for that course. The online portion is intended to cover the Monday-Wednesday-Friday assignments. Tuesday and Thursday classes will enhance the online portion with labs, class discussions, peer-editing, study sessions for exams, guest speakers, etc. These classes will be at a college preparatory level.

Students taking the online courses via independent study only will not have the supplementary support or class participation and their classes will be designated as basic or general education.

Ordering BYU Courses

For all Tuesday/Thursday students I am ordering the courses. Everyone should have everything they need by the end of August. In the meantime, teachers must get the students started on the course reading or supplements.

Independent Study

Independent study teachers must order their own courses, with Terrie's help. IS students should do well with BYU courses as long as they are reading at grade level and have access to the internet. Teachers will need to sign up as a proctor at some point to administer final exams. This is done on the Educators and Counselors window of the BYU web site.

I have chosen a number of core classes to offer. There are other possibilities you can look at on their web site. I have the codes that BYU sent us for teachers to preview for our chosen classes. If you need them, ask me to send them to you. Please keep these confidential. You should do your own PO for the courses. The cost is $115 per semester per student. Most courses have no textbook. Some have novels available though the BYU bookstore or widely available anywhere (To Kill a Mockingbird, Huck Finn, etc.)

You will need the approved PO number, our College Board number and our account number to order. You can get these from Terrie or from me. Again, these are confidential numbers.

You will also need the student's email address, birthdate and phone number. It takes about a week to receive everything once you order. I have it all come to the office NOT the student's home in order to guarantee the student receives everything.