For all KTL teachers--Welcome to a new way of communicating the latest information.

This wiki is for information intended for KTL staff only. You may go directly to the KTL Charter wiki for a public site with information available to parents.

Have you made a classroom wiki yet? If you want this kind of free K-12 education site with NO ADS go to the advertising-free option at Be sure to ask for a private wiki to start with. You may change it to
or public after you have filled it with information and are ready to launch it.

To change it to
go to the MANAGE SPACE option. Select PERMISSIONS. Then change from PRIVATE to
so that your wiki can be read by anyone but changed by only you.

Note: The site is the one with detailed instructions on how to make a wiki. Most of our teachers have not chosen it for their classroom wikis but it is helpful in learning how to make a wiki.

In class

See the KTL Charter wiki for Music and PE Logs.